Monday, September 22, 2008

Changes on the horizon.

So my good friend Stephen at Sonata Creative set up a new site and got me stoked on setting up my own. I'm designing it in Photoshop with a focus on my illustration and design capabilities. I really want to get more work as an illustrator, so I want my site to show that.

The new site will be through wordpress.... (please don't delete this blogspot!)... I love the layout and customization of it. I've steered clear of wordpress so far, because every design site is in wordpress. But I realize it's the easiest way to go and I think I'll like it much more. The new site will have three sections: the blog (my home page), my portfolio and then a contact form all following the same theme. Above is an idea of how I want it to look, I'm going to work on it a little bit more and then send it off to a company to slice it up for the web. I don't know much about web design, so I definitely don't know the do's and dont's. There is a big possibility that the company will say... "you want that on a website" and laugh at me... but, I guess that's how you learn.


Foreknown said...

Amazing! Wordpress here I come!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Stephen Olmstead said...

Nice work!