Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Project #3

Project Guidelines : Poster to help Americans adapt to the metric system. Could show the importance and benefits of adapting, could depict it as easy to adjust to. Title : "American Goes Metric".

I wanted this drawing to show how easy the metric system is and I also wanted to do a funny piece. At first I was going to do an upset Uncle Sam with 12 fingers and the Queen saying "... Oh, that's why". Instead I decided to do one of the president having the metric system explained to him. I was going to have the Queen explain it to him, but this style took so long that I just gave up on her.

Here are just the sketches, only a partial one of the Queen. The flowers on her hat were going to require so much coloring that I decided that it wasn't worth the trouble. I think the piece is still a strong piece without her... hopefully my teacher will as well.
Also, I wanted to post my original sketch. When I first started the project I was at school so I was having to sketch with the mouse. I was really happy with the way it turned out because I did it only using a mouse. But, because I'm so anal and I knew it would look better with the tablet I started from scratch when I got home using my first sketch as a template. I'm happy I did because there is a pretty big difference in quality..... I love that sweet Wacom quality.

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Stephen Olmstead said...

Dude your work is looking absolutely incredible... I cannot even believe how much you've grown since your first day in the 'official' role of graphic designer. I am seriously jealous of your illustration abilities. We need to collaborate on a project together soon! :)